240 TD W123

240 TD W123

Introduced in September 1977, the Mercedes W123 T (which stood for transporter or touring car) was the first official station wagon from the Stuttgart-based manufacturer. As long as the sedan, whose mechanics (including engines) it retained, it was available from the outset in a wide range of variants, same criteria as the sedan in terms of the designations of each model.

Commercialization began in May 1978; an additional bench seat installed in reverse in the trunk that could accommodate 2 children and increased the number of transportable passengers to 7 was available as an option. This option is on the car’s booklet offered and therefore original to the period.

Despite initial misgivings, the W123 (or S123 or W123T) was a success, and the credit went not only to the exemplary build quality, common moreover to all W123s, and not even only to the bomb-proof mechanics, but above all thanks to the remarkable cargo capacity, which thanks to the fold-down rear couch could reach as much as 1,500 liters!

The classic Sunday outing car where you could load the complete family without any space problems and with great mechanical reliability that made families of the time travel peacefully.

The proposed car has black Genoa license plate,and was completely revised in 2018 with a complete paint job in its original color and a complete mechanical overhaul.

Equipped from the origin with fully functional manual sunroof, and equipped with original working auto leveler,front electric windows installed after purchase.

Tires were replaced in 2023, and the car passed its periodic overhaul with no problems in February 2024.

Price 20,800

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