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Jack classics was born from Giacomo Alessandrin's passion for vintage cars, with the aim of providing a complete assistance service to enthusiasts who want to get closer to purchasing a vintage car: we deal with research throughout Europe,and consultancy in buying and selling.

Thanks to our long experience in restorations, we are able to give accurate valuation and advice regarding the originality and real conditions of the cars to our customers.

Our car stock is constantly evolving, there is never a shortage of various Jaguar E types, Austin Healeys, MG, but also Alfa Romeo, Lancia, Porsche, Mercedes.

Our showroom is equipped to be able to see, inspect and test every car present, and our library will be able to provide you with all the original technical data sheets and anything else that may be needed to verify every detail.

The proximity to Carrozzeria Franco, our family business and established reality in the restoration of vintage cars, allows us to plan with you any interventions or improvements on the cars you are considering purchasing.

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