E Type Coupè 

E Type Coupè
3800 cc 6 cylinders
Opalescent Dark Blue

This first series coupé was sold new by the official importer “Compagnia Generale Auto” of Milan on 21 December 1962 in the current and very original color choice. In fact, the elegant “opalescent dark blue” was certainly not one of the most popular colors in the 60s, when pastel whites and blacks were the favorites of wealthy customers who could afford a brand new E type. This car has never left Italy, and has had an intense history especially in its first years of life, when it belonged for a few years to a sadly known bandit from the Milanese underworld, who probably got it as a gift following some heist,what in the 60s and 70s, as now, was considered one of the most beautiful coupés ever produced.

The criminal career, as often happens, ended in the worst possible way, and the Jaguar changed hands several times, until it was abandoned in a garage in southern Italy, where the current owner found it and put it back on the road.

The car still has all its original components, engine, gearbox and bodywork correspond to the numbers indicated in the heritage certificate, and has been the subject of a complete restoration of the bodywork and mechanics, all amply demonstrated by photos and invoices for work and spare parts.

To testify to the excellent condition of the car when it was found, the owner chose, despite a complete restoration, to refit the original upholstery, to preserve a bit of flavor and history that this car carries with it.

The restoration was finished in October 2020 and the car is ready for any road test. It has Italian documents, and a black license plate “MI…….”

Price 185.00

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