B Roadster 

B Roadster
1800 cc 4 cylinders
Old English White

The first series Mg b is easily distinguishable from the subsequent series by the door opener handles which until 1965 were in a single piece and were operated by pulling them, while they were then replaced with a two-piece handle in which a button had to be pressed to open the door.

This first series sold new in Italy on 6 February 1963, was completely restored by a passionate collector who independently decided to face this challenge. The result is excellent, and taken by enthusiasm “the restorer” decided to give himself some gifts: he therefore replaced the original engine with a more stable 5 main bearing and the gearbox with a four-speed synchronized one. The original engine and gearbox are available and are sold together with the machine.

The certificate from the British Motor Museum also confirms that the original soft top was of the “pack away” type, i.e. completely removable, and that the water instruments and odometers were in European units of measurement and therefore in degrees centigrade and kilometers per hour. The original color was “Iris blue” with blue interior and soft top. The owner opted for a more sober but still correct “old English white” with black interior.

Registered “Roma” and overhauled, the perfect “entry level” car, fun and very easy to drive.

Price 28,000

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